Thursday, July 1, 2004

Everything's so, like, pink and sparkly


Thursday July 01, 2004

Everything's so, like, pink and sparkly

Home Edition, Home, Page F-7
Features Desk
20 inches; 730 words

By Steven Barrie-Anthony

SORRY, moms and dads, but it's true: Target's new Stuff by Hilary Duff Home Collection -- including bedding, string lights, beaded curtain, "plush doorbell," lamp and mini-stool -- may soon be appearing in bedrooms down the hallway.

Push the heart-emblazoned doorbell puff, or plug in those string lights and brace yourselves for uber girly, Pepto-Bismol pink, and for stars -- representing stardom, we assume -- on every viable surface. Duff's inscription, too, is everywhere.

"People on the street don't usually want to talk to me. They just want my autograph," says Duff from a Toronto movie set. "My signature just made everything a little more personal. Like, it's something from me."

When that bedroom door finally cracks open, you might notice various not-so-subtle changes in your 'tween: She may be wearing a blue-and-red striped velour skirt (courtesy of the Stuff by Hilary Duff clothing line) and have pink or purple nails and lips that give off an appropriately saccharine "sugar-candy scent" (courtesy of Duff-brand cosmetics). Don't be surprised if Duff provides the soundtrack for this unveiling: "every day is a transformation / every day is a new sensation ... " (the title track of her triple-platinum CD, "Metamorphosis").

Put-upon parents might point out that the real Duff decorates more tastefully. Says Duff of the new L.A. mansion she shares with her family: "It's Mediterranean, lots of arches, very open. We each have our own wing. I want mine to be Moroccan."

-- Steven Barrie-Anthony

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