Thursday, October 7, 2004

Just rise above that clutter in the garage


Thursday October 07, 2004

Just rise above that clutter in the garage

By Steven Barrie-Anthony

Want to clear some space in your overcrowded garage? Easy. Stow your motorcycle -- or anything else weighing up to a ton -- on a shelf that tickles the ceiling.

That's the idea behind Loft-It, a "garage elevator" from HyLoft USA, which allows you to free up an extra 192 cubic feet of garage space by storing motorcycles or other heavy objects up to six feet in the air. Load the 4-by-8-foot platform, flip the keyed switch, and a hidden 120-volt electric motor lifts your cargo along two vertical tracks made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Now your car can finally return to the garage. Or you could always buy another hog....

Priced at $1,795. To find a dealership near you, go to

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